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    Getting Started

  • Topic 1

    Day 1 - Key Issues in Online Learning

  • Topic 2

    Day 2 - Designing and Creating Learning Tasks in Moodle

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    Day 3

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  • Topic 6

    Day 4 : E-tivities and a Five Stage Model

    Welcome to Part II of 'Developing Online Learning'.  The focus of the next three days will be less on building a course and more on teaching or 'e-moderating'.  Hopefully by the end of the three days you will have both a framework to help you teach online and a number of practical ideas through which to engage and enthrall your students!

  • Topic 7

    Day 5 : The E-moderator

    For the second day we will be focusing on the e-moderator and the various roles they are expected to perform.  

  • Topic 8

    Day 6 : A Panoptic Vision

    On the final day we will look at assessment, grading and activity logs and make some additions to your Moodle courses to reflect the work done on the previous two days.

  • Topic 9