Alternative assessment

This is a course collecting EFL teaching resources also for teachers and students. There are practical links with pages of interactive English Language Exercises and teaching resources. 

This course demonstrates phonemic awareness activities which aim to help students grow in abilities to blend phonemes and to segment phonemes.  Meanwhile, short vowel learning activities applying listening, speaking, reading and writing skills are incorporated so as to help develop students' literacy. 



     This course demonstrates several examples of multiple assessments which are designed and developed based on the four language skills.


     Our intention is to remind teachers to notice if their methods of the assessing fit in with what they exactly want to assess their learners.




This is a space of EFL Teachers for the ‘Practices of Intergrading Technology into EFL Classroom.” It is not a virtual classroom for students, but it can be a virtual classroom for teachers’ professional development. Teachers are here to share ideas and works collaboratively by doing some tasks for EFL teaching.